Connected Vehicle Trade Association™ Membership Benefits

  1. Members have the opportunity to influence and contribute to on-going development of the connected vehicle environment through structured meetings with automakers, public entities and other industry groups.
  2. All Primary and Public Entity member representatives are eligible for access to all Connected Vehicle trade Association™ (CVTA™) online collaboration environments and documents therein. All Associate and Educational Members have access to their specific collaboration environments.
  3. Members can present at CVTA events. Events include CVTA sponsored conferences and workshops as well as third party events.
  4. Members receive e-mail notices of upcoming events and registration discounts as a Member of the CVTA. Discounts can include CVTA sponsored events and third party events that choose to extend a discount to CVTA members.
  5. Members can post Connected Vehicle-related whitepapers and press releases to the CVTA website.
  6. Members will receive exclusive invitations for CVTA events, to sponsor CVTA workshops, and for access to special discounts for customers to attend CVTA events.
  7. Members can receive minutes of what does azithromycin treat meetings and notices of proposed and actual changes to these and other CVTA-controlled documents, subject to reasonable regulations.
  8. Each member company receives one vote on CVTA business matters, in accordance with their membership classification as identified in the Bylaws.
  9. Members will have the right to participate in any development and demonstration activity sponsored by CVTA.
  10. Members have the right to identify their membership in the CVTA by display or use of CVTA Membership Mark, Trademarks and Logos as specified in the CVTA Brand Book.
  11. Members have the right and opportunity to participate in committees, forums and other activities of CVTA, in accordance with their membership classification as identified in the Bylaws.