Board and Management

The Board of Directors of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association are comprised of one industry representative of each major alternative to doxycycline business sector involved in the vehicle communications community. In addition, ex-officio board members are provided for from the Public Sector, Associate and Education Members to represent the interest of the municipal agencies, standards and specifying bodies, and educational institutions, respectively.

Voting Directors

Paul Laurenza (Chairman), Dykema Gossett
Marjorie Dickman (Vice Chairman), Intel
Nino Tarantino , Octo Telematics
John Yurtin, Delphi
Dennis Fantis, Road America
James Levendusky, Verisk Analytics
Matt Gibb, Oakland County
Geoff Hakel, TransUnion
Gary Streelman, Magneti Marelli
Steve Sprouffske, Kapsch
Tim Yerdon, Visteon
Joshua Meyer, Bosch
Andreas Mai, Cisco
Eric Berkobin, Verizon Telematics
Bart Brotsos, Oracle
D. Scott Watkins, Mobile Data Holdings Limited, Inc.
George Filley, HERE
Terry Hughes, AppCarousel

Non-Voting Officers

Harry Voccola, Chairman Emeritus
Gary Wallace, Chairman Emeritus and CVTA Fellow
Scott McCormick, President, CVTA
Valerie Shuman, Vice President, Industry Programs
Scott Andrews, Vice President, Technology
Elaina Farnsworth, Director of Communications
Linda Senigaglia, Director of Member marketing
Helen Koo, Director, China Region


Jeremy Wolstan
Dr. Robert Yandrofski

Voting Directors (representing each major stakeholder industry sector):


    • Telematics companies
    • Telecommunications
    • Automotive suppliers (Tier 1, 2 and 3)
    • Computer Infrastructure companies
      • Software
      • Hardware
    • Communication Infrastructure Companies
      • Equipment/Component Manufacturers
      • Network Services
    • Information Service Companies
      • Application Service providers
      • Content providers
    • Physical Services Companies (Roadside Responders & Operators)
    • System Integrators, Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering firms
    • Collateral Stakeholders
      • Legal Companies
      • Insurance companies
      • Financial Insititutions

    Non-Voting Directors

    • President, Connected Vehicle Trade Association
    • Representative of Public Entity Members
    • Representative of Associate Members (Standards and Specification Organizations)
    • Representative of Educational Institution Members
    • Representative of Organizations with executed Shared Vision Memoranda of Understanding